Simone Biles: I Was Sexually Abused By Gymnastics Team Doctor Too


On Monday (Jan. 15), Simone Biles admitted that she was also molested by gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar

In a lengthy statement that the Olympian posted on social media, Biles revealed that she was ashamed of the assault at first. But, she's finally realized that it wasn't her fault and that she should speak up about it. "Most of you know me as a happy, giggly and energetic girl. But lately ... I've felt a bit broken and the more I try to shut off the voice in my head the louder it screams," Biles said in her #MeToo post. 

"I am not afraid to tell my story anymore. I too am one of the many survivors that was sexually abused by Larry Nassar," she continued.

"For too long I have asked myself, 'Was I too naive? Was it my fault?' I now know the answers to those questions. No. No, it was not my fault. No, I will not and should not carry the guilt that belongs to Larry Nassar, USAG [USA Gymnastics], and others." See the gymnast's message below. 


Biles' statement comes after three fellow members of her Olympics' 2012 "Fierce Five" team also accused the team doctor of assaulting them: McKayla Maroney, Aly Raisman and Gabby Douglas. Over 140 female athletes have come forward to admit that they, too, were abused by him. 

The USA Gymnastics organization -- which was previously accused of helping to silence Nassar's victims who wanted to come forward about his acts -- released a statement about Biles' note. "USA Gymnastics is absolutely heartbroken, sorry and angry that Simone Biles or any of our athletes have been harmed by the horrific acts of Larry Nassar," the group said. "We are our athletes' advocates. USA Gymnastics will continue to listen to our athletes and our members in our efforts of creating a culture of empowerment with a relentless focus on athlete safety every single day."

Today (Jan. 16), Nassar is facing sentencing at Michigan state court after he pleaded guilty to seven counts of sexual assault, back in November 2017. The disgraced doctor is also facing more charges at a later date this month on three additional counts of sexual assault. 

"In his plea, Nassar admitted to sexually abusing patients under the guise of providing medically necessary treatment in instances as far back as 1998, some of which involved girls under 13," CNN reports. "At least 88 people are expected to speak, according to the Michigan Attorney General's Office. At his plea hearing, Nassar apologized and compared his crimes to 'a match that turned into a forest fire.'"

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