The New York Jets: Here’s What We Know

Before we dive into the NY Jets flight plan, let’s review my preseason analysis the previous blog. You can click here to get caught up to speed.

Now that we’re all caught up, I’d like you to repeat after me. “SAM DARNOLD IS A ROOKIE… SAM DARNOLD  IS A ROOKIE.” Now that you have said it out loud, you can now temper your expectations. The Jets QB was expected to start the first 3 games of his NFL career within a span of 11 days. Then in the 4th game play against a Jacksonville Jaguars team who has one of, if not, the best defense in all of the NFL. And by the way, expected to be the next coming of Joe Namath. Quincy Enunwa, Robbie Anderson are at best WR3 on fantasy teams much less for an NFL team that matters. Jermaine Kearse wasn’t a #1 receiver when he was in Seattle and isn’t much better now. Isaiah Crowell and Bilal Powell adecent running back but not anyone defensive coordinators will have nightmares about. And let’s not forget that the Jets “D” (the calling card of their head coach Todd Bowles), just gave 31 points to the Jaguars that didn’t have their best rusher on the field long in Leonard Fournette and gave up 18 points in the 2nd half to a Browns team that hadn’t won a game in almost TWO YEARS. 

When your rookie QB is the best player on the team, and you surround him with players that are not on his level, you get a team that is 1-3. Jets fans decided that Sam Darnold is the QB of the future. That’s a good thing because the way things are going now, you might want to put the present version of this team in the past.

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